Register Now --Embodied Clarity Becoming a Single Mother by Choice

Feeling confused about becoming a single mother by choice? Do you have clarity and conviction one day and then the next you are doubting everything.

Is it hard to find family and friends who understand what you are going through?

Is your mind spinning with all the details and options to sort out?

Believe me, I know what it's like trying to decide and staying the course through the ups and downs.

Now you can join a group of like-minded women who are struggling with the same questions and struggles.  Using the Embodied Clarity Method, I'll help you sort through the options, process the difficult emotions, and cultivate clarity so you can stay the course to getting pregnant and becoming a mother.

You'll create a plan that feels right for you, learn to discern your confusion from your clarity so that you get derailed less often and can recover more quickly.

This online course is packed with both information and support!

What you get:

--Pre-course handbook packed with information about fertility tests, fertility enhancements, methods for conception, how to choose a sperm bank and donor etc.  This guide will give tons of baseline information, saving you hours on Google.  

--Lessons delivered to your inbox aimed to help you sort through the emotional difficulties facing women going it alone. You'll get loads of cheat sheets, checklists, exercises and reflections to help you address the emotions coming up and shift your perceptions.

--Group calls to process the weekly lesson, share resources and create community.

Stop spinning your wheels.  Get the information so you can quiet the incessant chatter of your head.  Address your heart and it's concerns and contemplate other perspectives.  All the while, cultivating the ability to tap into your deepest desires and intuition. The lessons you will learn will help you not only make this huge decision about motherhood but will serve you throughout your lifetime, no matter what course you chose for your life.

Pay in three easy installments or a single payment.

Have Questions?  Not sure the course is right for you?  Please reach out to me to discuss at


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